My Inner Journey – Final

I wondered whether to title this post ‘Part 2’ or ‘Final’. Part 2 could point to the possibility of yet another part, which I didn’t want. And ‘final’ sounds like I reached my destination.  Which I haven’t. Obviously. But it begs the question – is there an end to this journey?

My outer journey will most definitely end one day. But now that I am aware of the timeless and deathless realm – why do I refer to and treat my inner journey as though it has an end? Awakening is a process and I am now for the first time, considering that maybe, there is no end to this process. Perhaps it will turn out to be as eternal as my Self.  How do you reach the lengths, or depths rather, of infinity? Just the idea of experiencing limitless truth, joy and love is enticing.  And it is liberating since there is no goal – the further I go, the farther I can go! How beautiful!

To make a long journey short, Eckhart Tolle came into my life and taught me a million things. I mentioned in Part 1 that my life did not change dramatically enough because I probably have a billion things to learn. Or who knows, the next thing may dissolve everything for me since grace is not a mathematical progression. The illusion that the mind carries is huge indeed, but it is no match for the unbounded truth.

Returning to the source of this thread, how do you know you have found your guru?  Simple.  You don’t google anymore.  Not for gurus, certainly.  Not for teachers. Not for inspiration and definitely not for enlightenment.  You will be absolutely open to other teachings, but you will always return home to the one.

The most significant thing I learnt from Eckhart Tolle is not to live my life in compartments.  I so vividly remember yelling at my (then) 6 year old daughter, when I sat down for meditation once and she wouldn’t leave me alone!  I didn’t know at the time, that it is not about what you do, but how you do what you do. Every situation and every relationship in your life is best suited to take you to the next post!

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