How to get more from 24 hours!

Tweaks, tips and tricks for time management.

I have been craving more time for myself to do stuff that is really important to me. Time became a ticking clock for me – beyond my reach always! Then I heard a motivational speech which emphasized that Bill Gates and Elon Musk also have 24 hours in a day. So what? I thought. They are not stay-at-home moms. My life is more challenging than theirs. True, I have to deal with fewer people but none of them are in my pay!

So how can you get more done in the same 24 hours?

Two tricks.

  1. Sleep less
  2. Shower less (if I am thinking what you are thinking I am thinking, you are wrong)

Let me address the shower thing first.

How to cut a long shower short!

It’s easy. Turn the faucet off. Or turn it to cold. A lot of people use a hot shower as a go to place to think, to unwind blah blah. The law of diminishing returns never applied to anything more perfectly. You will come out drained and would have lost precious time. So the bottomline is if you have already made up your mind before hand, you don’t give yourselves the chance to rethink, review or reconsider your decision. This can be applied to other things as well, like waking up in the morning. (Warning: If long showers don’t apply to you, I hope you didn’t read this. Your 24 hours are now the less and for not a worthy reason!)

Going back to number #1, Sleep is a big deal! Or so I thought. I used to wake up just when it was time to drop my teen at the bus stop. My excuse was my toddler – no matter how long I slept it was not enough. More motivational videos to the rescue. (Deep down I knew Youtube had a deeper purpose, especially when I used it!) Yogis sleep less, way less than ordinary folks – we psych ourselves one way and they psych themselves another. Two tweaks later, I have cut short my sleep requirement by at least two hours a day on average.

Two tweaks.

Eating less. (Two bites less is good enough to start off.)

Having a fridge and pantry full of stuff you like is a sure-shot way of self-sabotage.  Hovering around the kitchen or working on the same floor is another.

Having a goal or two. Worthy ones or twos.

I wake up now in the morning for my meditation.  My body started groaning and creaking so I inserted exercise before the meditation.  These goals are so worthy for me that when I suggested to my mind to wake me up around 4 am, the subconscious bends over backwards to honor me.  I didn’t fix an exact time nor do I use an alarm but this works incredibly.

Two tips.

  1. Try this for two weeks. (Disclosure: I am on week two)
  2. Rope two friends in. (You will get closure. Or closer!)

If you enjoyed my two cents, give me your two in the comment section.

One thought on “How to get more from 24 hours!”

  1. I often wish there were 48 hr days with 3 meals and 6 hrs of sleep that way there would be enough time to do all the things I love to do. Like staring into space 😀 Writing used to be my meditation but I seem to have a hit a blank wall. Enjoyed your voice in this piece!

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