IMG_4054Hello! My name is Bhargavi Atchutuni aka Bhagya.  I live with my husband and two wonderful children in Monroe, NJ. My first name was a gift from my parents and my last name was my wedding gift.  My nickname, though is a whole new ballgame.  My son who cannot yet pronounce my name right, calls me Bhagya.  As luck would have it, Bhagya means good fortune.  So I decided to add it to my domain of names!  In case you were wondering, I stopped justifying or apologizing for my puns ages ago.

I am a freelance writer and editor.  You can read my short stories and wonder about all the stories I am yet to write.  I have had novel (ahem) ideas but never got down to writing a novel yet.  Screenwriting has become another obsession.  It has a steep motivation curve, but I would love to share my experience.  And then there is my spiritual journey!  Ever since I came across enlightenment, I have been dazzled by it.  I am going to try and capture my attempts at it, for, who knows what will come out of it?

I have been harassing my family with my puns for a long time now, and they have been haranguing me to post them online!  So watch out for my pun space.  Lastly, the least things never bothered me anyway!