The First Frost

Frost-kissed rose

This rose has had a taste of the first frost!  The rest of this beauty, however, is unfazed by the impending ending.  It surrenders to the warm sun and the cold frost, all the while a glorious treat, indifferent to any witnessing presence. There is an undiscovered rose in all of us.  My purpose on earth is to unveil that sacred part of me.  And so it is for everyone else.  I wish you the best in your own journey and welcome you to join me for a bit in mine.

I am very excited that I finally started writing.  It is easy to tell yourself and others that you love something, but actually doing what you love takes a lot of courage.  I have been fortunate to receive plenty of encouragement from my family and a host of other people who don’t know I exist, but nevertheless, make me who I am today.

I will make sure to tell you about every great person whose teachings have benefited me immensely, so that you too, can leave my space better off than when you came to visit it. Welcome again!

Morning Dew
Morning Dew