Short stories

The Interview

“Ma’am, it’s Mr. Banks from the Herald,” the butler announced. Mrs. Sheridan put away her needlework and looked up. “Show him into the gallery please.” Led by the butler, Mr. Banks traversed through several corridors to reach this imposing room, situated at what he correctly surmised as the back of the mansion. Five large windows … Continue reading “The Interview”

The Bridge of Life

Ricky took the stairs and entered the corridor bouncing a soccer ball. An old lady stepped out of the corner apartment and walked toward the elevator. She gave him a disapproving look and he caught the ball. “How are you doing, Mrs. Henley?” Ricky asked smiling and pulling his gray hood back. Black Nike shoes … Continue reading “The Bridge of Life”

Two Steps from Love

The flight landed at 8:00 am, a few minutes ahead of schedule. Varun stepped out of the airport to be greeted by a cold breeze. He waited a few minutes and then got into a cab. “Hitech City,” he told the cabbie since he intended to go directly to work. While the driver put the … Continue reading “Two Steps from Love”

The Diehard Flirt

“Vinu, Vinu! Wake up!” Alka shook him hard. “Did you not say you had an important meeting? What happened to your alarm?” she asked him agitatedly. He stirred in his sleep and muttered, “I won’t betray my friend…” “VINU!” Alka yelled. Vinay woke up with a start. “You were talking in your sleep like a … Continue reading “The Diehard Flirt”